Computer & Networks

Protecting & planning to prevent future trouble.

IT Security

Keeping you and your files safe is what we do.

Cloud & Backup

Duplicating vital files at multiple secure locations.

Web Design

Handling complex websites for Internet marketing.

Who We Are

Since 1996, Network People has provided IT Security and Management Services and Products for more than 350 commercial and government organizations. Network People employs a team of certified security engineers and technicians who are trained to deliver world class service across North America. Core areas of focus are: Computers & Networks, IT Security, Cloud & Backup, and Web Design, Development and Hosting.

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What We Do

We want our clients to possess both knowledge and confident on how to utilize their investment in technology both safely and successfully. Our team of dedicated professionals is equipped to handle everything from installations of complete system networks in the professional workplace, as well as working alongside home users on matters ranging from personal computers to mobile devices to wireless access. In many instances, our ability to work remotely creates an environment of extraordinary responsiveness and issue resolution, all the while delivering significant value to our clientele.
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“We’ve been protecting businesses since 1996. Let us use our professional experience to secure your business data.”

- Nate Freeman