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Kelly and Nate

The Leaders of Network People

Kelly Freeman / CEO

Nate Freeman / President

Welcome to our website!

We are helping people across America manage their technology with our smart solutions to cloud, hosting, secure remote backups, and other computer services. With our six data centers located around the nation, we serve clients locally and remotely — but always personally.

Network People maintains a full-time team of certified systems engineers and technicians who boast high level security certifications such as CISSP, SANS, CCNA, Microsoft MTA, Network+, and many others.

Technology Experts. Good People.

How We Started

From the very beginning in 1996, our aim has been to be professional — even when the company consisted of just one Network “Person” with Nate Freeman working alone. Nate began the IT business from an office on the 11th story of a downtown building in Clearwater, Florida. Currently Network People has a 14-member team headquartered at an office suite in Clearwater, Florida. In addition, we are affiliated with 250 firms across the nation who can render personal, on-site service to our remote clients if needed.

How we grew

Our business grew by recognizing need that was all around us. We discovered that professional people required a lot of help networking their office computers. Our company could offer the personalized service which small- and medium-sized organizations needed. Some owners began asking us for help with their home computers.

Today we are still watching out for needs of these clients, as well as helping all the new ones they refer to us.

What does professional service look like to us?

Everything we do is defined by our core values. No one comes onto the team without agreeing to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Every decision is filtered through those core values. You can trust us to serve your best interests.

Our Core Values

We do the Right Thing.

Everything we do builds Loyalty and Trust.

Open Door Communication is the Key to Success.

God First, Family Second, Company Third.

What kind of clients do we serve?

Our customers range from individual users…to remote offices with one or two employees…to companies with 300 employees.

Our technicians have done work for municipalities, a charter school, and a county economic development council. Among our other clients are Disney, YMCA, and the U.S. Army. We have been proud to…

  • Serve a law firm for the past 16 years
  • Conduct a security audit to evaluate vulnerabilities for a firm which works with the Federal Government and Fortune 100 banks
  • Assist a business owner who suffered an employee theft of data. (We tracked down what was stolen, using our forensics team, and saved her from going out of business.)

How can we help you?

Every need is unique; every customer is important.

Our computer experts deliver a personal touch, whether they are

  • installing 177 computers on time and under budget or
  • making a house call to connect all Mac devices to work together seamlessly

Sometimes we will walk into a new client’s building and find wrong software or wrong advice has been given by their previous IT company. Unfortunately, we continue to see people in the IT industry who give bad advice and take shortcuts. Their customers have been put at risk. For example, they won’t have the software and licensing to put their network back together after a disaster. They won’t have a properly tested backup. (Backups are like raising children; they need constant supervision.)

What about security?

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to protect themselves against cybercrime. Moreover, most small businesses don’t think they are a target and do think they’ve “got it covered” if something does happen. Our security team performed 27 risk assessments for organizations in the Tampa Bay area during a 90 day period. Our results showed that every single organization had at least one security breach on their network—an unauthorized outsider was active inside their networks! How could this be? How could the leadership team think “they have it covered,” when 100 % of the organizations had a breach?

Network People conducts frequent seminars this question and many others. We believe people first need to be informed, and that new awareness will shift their behavior.

Solutions for organizations may be as simple as training the team to understand the threats and how to compensate for those threats. Solutions may require technical help and monitoring systems to address the administrative, technical, and physical aspects of the network.

Solutions for the individual are different. Although education is critical, individuals don’t have the resources to apply a security system like one would expect of a 50 person business. However, the needs are still important. We have spent the better part of three years developing an economical solution to this problem. The Red N combines both detection and prevention. It provides a firewall, plus powerful software which alerts us to attacks by malware, and a daily report to our office about any problems.

What about the cloud?

Do you need the cloud? Our answer is: “It depends.” Every need is unique. However there are some situations where the cloud is clearly the right answer. The remote servers which make up the cloud can provide you with additional backup, plus handy access to your data anywhere.

It might surprise you that Network People currently uses 6 data centers across the country to deliver enterprise class solutions!

Support for computer networks

Besides installing networks for organizations, we provide support agreements for:

  • unlimited help desk assistance and
  • unlimited onsite support.
In addition, we offer:

  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Vendor management
  • Training
  • Quarterly meetings to advise
  • Help with office moves

Designing and managing websites

Key to an effective website is keeping it fresh and relevant. We find that web traffic is dependent upon the right content plus constant updates. Our web department will design a great site to mirror your business and what you do. But it won’t be a one-time install which remains static for two or three years. We will provide unlimited updates to our creative designs, while managing your website for a low monthly fee.

Professional partnerships deliver expertise

Network People is a proud member affiliate of the Heartland Technology Group (HTG) organization. HTG has been providing leadership and delivering consistent growth to its members since the year 2000 through its unique model of sharing best practices and enforcing accountability. By combining the power of an enterprise level organization and the personalized service of a locally owned company, Network People offers a combination of services that are unequalled in the industry.

Get to know us.

We invite you to continue browsing our website.

Contact us and our talented employees — who really do love IT! — for personal assistance at (877) 755-DATA.

Above all, we want you to feel comfortable with your technology.

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