Empowering Success

From the very beginning in 1996, our aim has been to be professional — even when the company consisted of just one Network “Person” with Nate Freeman working alone. Nate began the IT business from an office on the 11th story of a downtown building in Clearwater, Florida. Currently Network People has a 16-member team headquartered at an office suite in Clearwater, Florida. In addition, we are affiliated with 250 firms across the nation who can render personal, on-site service to our remote clients if needed.

Professional Team

Everything we do is defined by our core values. No one comes onto the team without agreeing to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Every decision is filtered through those core values. You can trust us to serve your best interests.

Meet the team!

Growing With You

Our business grew by recognizing need that was all around us. We discovered that professional people required a lot of help networking their office computers. Our company could offer the personalized service which small- and medium-sized organizations needed. Some owners began asking us for help with their home computers.

Today we are still watching out for needs of these clients, as well as helping all the new ones they refer to us.

Core Values

We do the Right Thing.

Everything we do builds Loyalty and Trust.

Open Door Communication is the Key to Success.

God First, Family Second, Company Third.