What’s the best way to protect from Hackers?

Here is a short video with some ideas on the best way to protect from Hackers as explained by Network People President Nate Freeman and CIO Corey Joy.


Having good strong passwords in your environment is one of the first important steps for good security.  For any hack to happen they need to get access and the first line of defense is your passwords.

Make sure you passwords follow these guidelines:

  • You use at least 3 of the for key elements passwords:
    • Uppercase
    • Lowercase
    • Numbers
    • Symbols
  • At least 16 characters long for user accounts
  • At least 24 character passwords for administrator accounts
  • It makes it the time exponentially longer to hack when a password is long.

Strong passwords in your environment is one of the first important steps for good security

Security Training

In addition to good passwords, another area at the top of the security priority list is having educated users.

We focus on training because users are like a firewall – the way we secure ourselves from the outside.  Users are at the endpoints that are going to get the hack attempts – the email or social engineering that can break in.

The first line of defense for your company is educated user who knows how to protect their environment. 

The simple act of deleting a bad email instead of falling for that social engineered trick could mean the difference between being safe and being impacted by hundreds of thousands or some times millions of dollars that is spent when having to deal with the impact of ransomware.

Security Training Team

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