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Active IT TM

Peace of Mind

A complete system of data security.

360° IT support for the organization.

Average response time: 3.9 hours.

Over 11,471 service tickets completed per quarter.

Vendor management.

Exclusive, low member pricing.

Servers & Networks

Products with Purpose

Best in class hardware and software. Ordered, provisioned, installed, and warranted by Network People. One number to call.

Disaster Recovery

Back in the Game

A successful restore requires a backup that performs 3 functions:

  1. Local backups that are fast, complete, automatic, and hourly.
  2. Offsite backups in two data centers outside the state, always mirrored.
  3. Virtualization capability so that data can be accessed almost instantly while the restore takes place.


Daily Oversight

Your data requires constant watching. Just like children who get in trouble when they don’t have consistent supervision, your office systems need consistent backups and verification.

We watch your data like a hawk! Every business day, one of our expert technicians will confirm that your backup ran successfully. With Network People overseeing your data, you can relax.

Risk Assessment

Cultivating Confidence

Most organizations review their data less often than they review their financials, even though data is a valuable asset. Our 22 point inspection studies the impact and likelihood of vulnerabilities to all your information.

What is the risk to your data? Do you have the right usage policies? Do you know for sure that exactly the right people have access to valuable information? Are you positive that no one has infiltrated your system?

Red N

Security Simplified

Prevention. Detection. Response.

Certified professionals with years of experience manage your computer in the background.

Systems are standardized according to best practices. The Red N takes care of updates and alerts so you don’t have to.

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