Active IT TM

Peace of Mind
- A complete system of data security.
- 360° IT support for the organization.
- Average response time: 3.9 hours.
- Over 11,471 service tickets completed per quarter.
- Vendor management.
- Exclusive, low member pricing.

Disaster Recovery

Back in the Game
A successful restore requires a backup that performs 3 functions:
- Local backups that are fast, complete, automatic, and hourly.
- Offsite backups in two data centers outside the state, always mirrored.
- Virtualization capability so that data can be accessed almost instantly while the restore takes place.

Risk Assessment

Cultivating Confidence
Most organizations review their data less often than they review their financials, even though data is a valuable asset. Our 22 point inspection studies the impact and likelihood of vulnerabilities to all your information.
What is the risk to your data? Do you have the right usage policies? Do you know for sure that exactly the right people have access to valuable information? Are you positive that no one has infiltrated your system?


Daily Oversight
Your data requires constant watching. Just like children who get in trouble when they don’t have consistent supervision, your office systems need consistent backups and verification.
We watch your data like a hawk! Every business day, one of our expert technicians will confirm that your backup ran successfully. With Network People overseeing your data, you can relax.

Servers & Networks

Products with Purpose
Best in class hardware and software. Ordered, provisioned, installed, and warranted by Network People. One number to call.

Red N

Security Simplified
Prevention. Detection. Response.

Certified professionals with years of experience manage your computer in the background.
Systems are standardized according to best practices. The Red N takes care of updates and alerts so you don’t have to.

About our process.

Reactive / Proactive

01 Fast Responce

We believe that computer issues need to be fixed fast. We have multiple technicians ready and willing to help solve the problem over the phone or onsite if needed.

02 Real, Live People

Always talk to a real person here at Network People. We believe that it is our relationship with our clients that make the partnership work. We dont have "accounts", we have clients that we care about.

03 Proactive Installs

Our team always like to complete items before they are needed, that's why we work in a proactive manner. All installs are preformed so that your new device is installed and working when you need it to.

04 Proactive Support

We have found that its never ok to just wait till something breaks to fix an issue, thats why we do so much proactive work. We plan out what needs to happen in the future so that you never get left in the past.

VCIO (Virtual CIO)

01 Quarterly Meetings

We have quarterly meetings to plan out the needs of your business. We cover tickets, customer satisfaction and yearly IT budget to name a few items.

02 Live Dashboards

Live dashboard shows you and your team all the needed information you will need to make great decisions.

03 Custom Reports

We create custom reports for our clients so they can see there environment from a birds eye view.

04 Constant Updates

Constant updates whether it be from our emails to our informative meetings. We will always make sure your staff knows what they need so your company stays safe and ahead of the curve.

Centralized Services

01 Daily Checks

It's never okay to setup a computer and not check it daily. Here at Network People we pride ourselves on our process for daily monitoring and management including backups, anti-virus and servers to name a few.

02 Weekly Checks

Weekly checks are just as important as daily checks. We strive to keep all systems working how they should with our weekly checks. These include our patches and commands that we use to keep computers running the way they should.

03 Pre-Hour Server Check

We know our clients don't want to arrive at work and not have a stable environment, thats why we check multiple systems and processes before you open your doors. We also ensure that servers are always up and running when you get to the office.

04 Backup Checks

We make sure, on a daily basis that all backups are healthy and running to protect our clients. If we do notice a problem we have a policy to ensure a healthy backup in place every day so that your data is available, safe and secure.