Career Change Version 2.0 – Learning to Swim Again

It is not uncommon to hear illustrations of folks changing jobs or accepting new professional roles and responsibilities in this ever changing world of ours. Opportunities to advance a career path in a chosen field or a chance to generate higher earning potential are but just a couple of motivational factors that can influence a person to facilitate a change. It is a rather common occurrence that happens many times every single day across a multitude of organizations in myriad locations around our great country and beyond.

The frequency of changes in a person’s professional path traditionally happen more often in the early years of their career. Consistent with this fact is the uncommon scenario whereby a person decides to make not only a company change, but a move into an entire new industry, most especially after having already celebrated one of those “milestone” birthday markers in life. For instance, the one that begins with the numeral five hits close to home. To that end, consider my most recent career decision a rather uncommon one.

Having been abundantly blessed with a wonderful career of nearly thirty years in the foodservice industry, I recently chose to accept a unique and powerful opportunity within the Information Technology sector. As a previous self-professed “technophobe”, my decision likely surprised a few folks, myself included. All told, the opportunity to, once again, scratch my entrepreneurial “itch” and attempt to contribute to taking a company to the proverbial “next level” proved to be both attractive, motivating and inspiring.

I have a great deal to learn as I ramp up my knowledge base in this dynamic, inspiring and powerful world of technology. In the spirit of full transparency, I readily admit it is proving to be a bit daunting, at times. In spite of the challenges, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and extremely talented teammates here at Network People (, folks who are always there to share their expertise and offer me support should the waters get too deep. Knowing this, I welcome each and every new challenge that lies ahead and look forward to continuing to stretch myself in this new season of my professional life.

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