The best tablet? Nate Freeman reviews the Apple iPad

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Recently, I was asked by my Aunt to recommend the best tablet. Aunt: We are looking at buying a tablet and when I’m looking at all of the different ones, I’m blown away at how little I know. We would like a more portable “computer” but bigger than our phones that can access email, Facebook, Google info, Word processing ability and can …

5 Best Practices for Websites

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Get Users the Information They Came For Quickly Ad specs, contact info, you name it. Run a survey with your visitors – or look at your Google Analytics to see which pages generate the most engagement – to determine the reason they’re coming to your site. Put those items in a location that’s easily accessible, such as the footer. Let …

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Remember back in the day when video chatting was a thing of the future? Every year we get closer to video chatting becoming a part of our everyday lives.   Thanks to you can get hassle-free peer-to-peer video conversations with up to 8 people for free! Check it out.

Old Design vs Responsive Design for Websites

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Old Design? Your website may come up looking cool…or clunky, depending upon the device being used to view it. Responsive Design? This term is being thrown around a lot, but with too little explanation as to what it is and why it’s good. Well, fear not! We’re going to take a quick look at this Responsive Design concept and why …