Cloud Hosting & Backup

What Is It?

Far from being something ethereal up in the sky, the cloud is actually a huge bank of computers in another location, some distance away from the physical site of your business or organization. Your vital data can be duplicated and stored in these other safe locations. This technology is such a core of our business that Network People currently uses 6 data centers across the country. We will keep your data—everything on the server—secure, in case of a local computer system crash.

Consequently, Network People keeps your entire infrastructure stable and secure, whether that is all of your server data, reliable backup for your data, email, phone system, or all four.


Our cloud solution allows you to stop buying new hardware and new licenses. You don’t need to purchase software for each machine in your network. You can access that software and use it from wherever you might travel. Your data is available wherever, whenever!

Familiar examples of data being stored in the cloud are email services such as Gmail, Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Smart phones also use the cloud to connect you with the Internet. The cloud has the advantage of making remote access possible for different types of technology—whether Apple, PC, iPad, Android devices or old computers.

Not One Size Fits All

It is surprising how much we use the cloud, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for your business or organization. We are careful to recommend the right combination of using both the cloud and local resources to get the best results.

Factors to consider:

  • Number of users
  • Speed of your internet connection
  • Older applications
  • Access from out of the office

It is important to have an expert review each of these factors from a holistic viewpoint, so that the recommendation and the cost are right for you.

How do you know the right solution?

The advertisements that you hear now indicate that the cloud is the only right approach. But that is not always the case. It depends. You need an expert to assess whether or not cloud computing would be an advantage for you.


A local government comprised of town hall, fire department, and recreation facility moved its infrastructure to the cloud.  That move included phone system, servers, email, backup and all their data.  This municipality was able to do all this with a long term agreement that would protect them from obsolescence.  In fact, existing hardware will be replaced with brand new hardware every three years.  This cloud solution, managed by Network People, also includes help desk, onsite support, strategic planning, and proactive maintenance.  Network People provides all this (including the hardware) for less than the cost of one network administrator’s salary.

Medical office

Problem with in house phone system: Poor phone quality, delays on support, staff complaints about features.

Solution: Network People’s cloud based phone system. It features 39 different enterprise level features and outstanding call level quality, yet the cost is less than the old system. Unlimited support is included, and the office will never have to buy another phone system again.