COVID-19 Response Approach

Our highest priority is to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees. In an urgent infectious disease situation, such as with the COVID-19 virus, Network People will follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and the federal/Florida governments as to next steps. Network People will continuously monitor the situation and keep you and our employees informed.

Tier Levels

We have defined four Tiers of response levels based on the above recommendations:

Tier 1 Plan
Full support available.
Physical office remains open and employees report to work as usual if comfortable.
No hand shake policy in effect; be vigilant about proper hand washing and hygiene.
Tier 2 Plan
Full remote support and on-site support available.
Network People partially closes the physical office location and employees work remotely. Team encouraged to work from home unless they need to go on-site.
Employees assigned on-site tickets will continue to report to your site as follows:
If less than 10 people in office – normal process / hours.
If more than 10 people in office – schedule after hours if possible (normal after hours charge waved).
We ask that you evaluate any active noncritical on-site request and postpone these efforts by a few weeks if at all possible.
Tier 3 Plan – Active

Tier 3 Plan Currently Active as of 3/20/20

Full remote support and emergency on-site support available.
Network People fully closes the physical office location and ALL employees work remotely.
No on-site tickets will be scheduled unless there is an emergency; all employees will remain self-quarantined until further notice.
Any non-emergency on-site request will be postponed where possible.
Tier 4 Plan
Full remote support – no on-site support.
Network People fully closes the physical office location and ALL employees work remotely.
No on-site tickets regardless of urgency level. For everyone’s safety, no employees will be allowed on-site.

Covid 19 Safety Overview

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves.
Employees who are working on-site with you will
not shake hands or make physical contact
continue to utilize good hygiene by washing hands thoroughly and not touching their face
wipe down keyboards and equipment before and after using them
inform their supervisor in the event they come in contact with anyone who is ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19

Covid 19 Safety Details:
Team Quidlinese

utilize proper hygiene by thoroughly washing hands, keeping hands away from face, and covering coughs/sneezes
wipe down keyboards, phones, and equipment after use; wipe down desk surfaces
eliminate travel outside of the Tampa Bay area to reduce your exposure
limit contact with people who have traveled or show symptoms of illness
continuously clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in household common areas (tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks)
continuously wipe down phones and computer equipment
purchase essential household items/medication in the event of a quarantine
If they feel sick and/or show any symptoms of being ill
isolate themselves by staying home and resting. If symptoms are consistent with the COVID-19 virus, see their doctor as soon as possible for care.
as they are able, work from home
If a team member or a family member are confirmed to have COVID-19
they must notify their supervisor immediately and refer to CDC guidelines for next steps. In addition, they will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days and must not return to the office (if open) until the end of the quarantine period and with a physician’s note.