Don’t miss your life because of social media

To whom it may concern:

Sir or Madam, I want bring something to your attention. You are missing out on life. “How?” you ask. Well, for many people out there, the social media venue is the central focal point of their lives. I am not saying that social media is inherently evil or that it will bring about a world clattering cataclysm. But for many of you, it is altering the way your life is run, and something like Facebook or Twitter should not do that.

Admittedly, my argument is based on evidence that is anecdotal, at best. But I am confident that you will find these stories typical:

When you are at a party playing a game or socializing, and everything has to stop to spend 20 minutes taking pictures with paper mustaches glued to popsicle sticks. You have interrupted the normal stream of events because of a need to create a social media foot print for your event.

When you are watching a sunset with your significant other, and rather than enjoy the fleeting moment of seeing the sun dip below the waves, you spend it with your back to the sun—fiddling with your phone to capture a selfie.

When you go to an event and everyone is down into their phones, commenting on things or taking personality tests, reposting angry rants, doing anything—rather than talking to the people right next to them.

In all of these situations, you are letting something dictate how you live your life, something that was built to get ad revenue and make money. I am not against documenting moments, funny pictures, or browsing the internet for stupid stuff. Heck, the smart phone is the best invention for killing time when waiting for an appointment, while having lunch, or any other dull moment. But missing the life right in front of you for servicing the monster of your social media life?

As a person whose life is dominated by technology because it’s my job, it makes me sad to see people allow the simple moments we spend together as human beings intruded upon by this force. So live your life, and if you want to put it on social media, that is your choice. Just don’t do what you do because of social media.


This is my opinion on the matter. What is yours?

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