Change the Verb “Google” to “Search”

A few years ago I quit using the verb “Google”.  You know how people say, “Just Google it.”  I just couldn’t say it anymore.

In our efforts to manage and secure data, I learned about the plethora of data being collected by Google – as well as by many other sites,  including other search engines, social media sites and others that store, track and use our information.

So I changed the verb to “search” and started using multiple search engines such as Bing, Ask and DuckDuckGo, which touts anonymous searching.  The idea is this: If I search using multiple engines, I diversify my risk.  And ultimately security comes down to managing risk.

When I saw this recent Time’s magazine article online about a lady who “Quit Google”, I was reminded of my passion to help people understand that a key part of security is “privacy.”  Join me and others as we limit how much data Google gets.

To read the Time article by julia Angwin, see How I Quit Google

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