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Keep a clean and organized computer environment

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They say that it’s all in the details and “they” are right. Modern day computers and circuitry are fairly resilient, considering their complexity. However, they can be brought down if care is not taken. The main environmental concerns to watch for are temperature, humidity, dust, and static electricity. Theft and sabotage should also be considered.

To combat these dangers, it’s important to store your servers in a secured and controlled environment. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars can be wasted by failing to install a properly configured and sized AC unit. This is why, at Network People, we go over checklists that verify these often missed items.

Take a look at your own network storage facilities. Keep an eye out for loose, old, or unnecessarily long cables, UPS’s (uninterruptible power supplies) with red lights, fans that rattle, and a lack of environmental monitoring. How do you know if it gets too hot over the weekend or during vacation? What if a leak is sprung in the overhead sprinkler or AC? These are just a few examples of common issues.

As always, the engineers at Network People would be more than happy to perform a detailed assessment of your network environment. Please contact us for further details.


AUTHOR - Elias

Elias has been working with computers since he was seven and has always had a passion for video games, technology, and most things geeky. Elias is not your typical computer geek. He can build, design, improve, or fix any of the following: Cars, bikes, motorcycles, houses, electronics, robotics, networks, computers, furniture, and cabinetry. He has experience in a variety of facets of IT with a specialty in security. Elias was born in Gainesville, Florida and enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, designing, building, reading, watching Netflix, playing video games, hanging out with family and friends, and playing with his twin baby girls. Network People in Largo, Florida, advises organizations on how to keep their data safe, as well as providing expertise in computer support, cloud, web design, and IT Security. Network People = Technology Experts. Smart Advice. Good People.

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