Need organization? Look to the green elephant in the room!

I have always been someone who has tried to find good tools to help me stay organized. I used the first generation Palm Pilot. I even paid a hefty sum for one of the first “tablet” type devices called the Sony Magic Link. Technology has come a long way and most of us are walking around with 4-5 inch screens that have many times more computing power and memory than my first computer. In this day and age where the tools are powerful and plentiful the need for great apps is the key.

What is the one app that has helped me stay organized and I basically couldn’t live without it (maybe an over exaggeration, but I am from Texas)?

Evernote is that app! Whether you are on a computer, Android device or iOS device; this app lets you take notes and keep track of information while allowing you to synchronize between all your devices. I have found it incredibly helpful in keeping track of anything form meeting notes to my son’s swim meet times to strategic client information to notes on my next backpacking trip. Evernote allows you to put information in notebooks that you can choose how to organize. It allows you to use bullet points or outline format. You can take pictures directly into your note and best of all you can audio record the whole meeting while taking notes so you can review the fine points later.

My daughter started college this year and I showed her Evernote and it has been an invaluable tool for her as well. I would love to teach my wife how to use it but she seems to like all those sticky notes and hand written lists. So that may take a little more time. However, if you are like me and looking for easy ways to keep track of important information then check out Evernote. You will not be disappointed, in fact you may find you love that green elephant!

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