Resolve Teams Calls Dropping in Microsoft Voice

Teams call in progress

There is a “New Meeting Experience” setting in Teams that may cause Team calls to drop. This issue can be resolved by turning this setting off.

Teams answer auto attendant
Teams Calls Dropping

How to Turn Off New Meeting Experience in Teams

Turn off New Meeting Experience in Teams

  • In teams, click on your login image or picture at top right of screen, then 
  • Click on Settings next to the gear box picture:

Teams Settings Gear Box to fix teams calls dropping

  • From the settings screen:
    • Make sure “Turn on new meeting experience” check box is un-checked. Then,
    • In the example below, the box is checked, so you would un-check it.

Teams Meeting Experience Setting to fix dropped calls

  • Next, right click on the Teams Icon located in the bottom right of your system tray.  The Teams icon in the system tray is a purple icon with a white T

Teams Icon in System Tray

  • Right click and select Quit (do not log out).
  • For Mac
    • From Teams, press Command-Q and that will shut down the program.
    • or, go to the top menu and find Teams and select quit (program menu).

Teams Quit On Mac to fix dropped calls

  • Next, re-load Teams

Logging Out of Teams will re-enable New Meeting Experience

Note: Every time you log out of Teams this feature will be re-enabled.  So if you do logout of teams (not the same as simply quitting as described above), be sure to follow these steps again to un-check the New Meeting Experience Setting and keep your teams calls from dropping.

For more help with Microsoft be sure to check out this blog:

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