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The Red N

The Red N

  • Prevent loss of your data
  • Detect trouble on your computer
  • Respond 24×7 to fix any problems
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Our most innovative tool yet! Specially designed to keep your computer safe and secure.

– Nate Freeman

What is the Red N?

It’s a piece of security software designed by Network People.

Imagine having high-level networking engineers designing systems to guard and protect your computer! Network People engineers have written code for 630 custom-made programs, all included in the Red N. That translates to: Tech expertise to keep you safe and running! These custom programs are designed to be proactive. They solve problems that otherwise would go undetected—or that would cost expensive hourly service to correct—or both.

Designed for business and home computers.


You can fortify your computer against malicious cyber enemies with the Red N’s strong wall. Once downloaded onto your computer, Red N works like a high stone barricade to keep out most trojans, malware, keyloggers, and viruses which can cause you to lose your data, your identity or crash your system.

In our 17 years at Network People, we have seen disastrous breaches when users are lax about securing their computers and servers. Their inattention to security abruptly switches to heightened alert when they are hacked or suffer damage from subversive websites and lose their valuable data. Red N will provide you with powerful protection, far beyond any free anti-virus software.

So how does the Red N set a watch for cyber enemies?


Once installed on your computer, this powerful software package will filter out malware and other content containing hostile material such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware.

The Red N icon will appear in your icon line-up when the daily scan is taking place. It works silently in the background for a short time, before automatically sending a report to our office. Red N reports problems so we can get them removed remotely. As needed, the powerful virus detector called Vipre will do a deeper scan of your computer. All this is accomplished without any effort on your part! The Red N fights off cyber threats for you!

The only cost to you? A small $10/month fee for each computer.


Can you talk to someone? Yes, we offer free live chat with a technician at Network People. We boast a 60 second response time during business hours. Sometimes we are able to solve a problem within minutes and not cost you a penny.

Red N is customized to fix problems without the expense of an hourly technician.

  • We can fix most problems remotely.
  • Local tech support available via phone or email during office hours.
  • 60-second response time!
  • Powerful Red N software keeps on protecting you 24 x 7.

Network People is here to build a wall of protection against cyber enemies and keep your computer safe and working.

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