Three helpful tips for spreadsheets

Hello everyone! One of my favorite online magazines (Mac World) has just completed a series of articles on some basic knowledge that everyone should have when it comes to spreadsheets. What I really liked is that it showed how to complete various functions for Google, Apple and Microsoft software. I figured I would share my top 3 from this list. I will also include a link to the article for those who want more.

Merge Cells

Merging Cells lets you set up a spreadsheet with multiple rows or columns but with shared space between different cells.

Excel: Under the Home ribbon, click Merge and then select the option that best suits the needs of the spreadsheet.

Numbers: Table > Merge Cells

Sheets: Format > Merge Cells, then choose a merge option

Format Numbers

This is one of the best because it is easy and it will help you or your clients look at numbers in the correct format. Most people find it easier to see 50% opposed to .50.

Excel: Format > Cells (menu) and the select the correct format

Numbers: Format Icon (paintbrush) and select the cell you want to format. Then select the option you would like to use.

Sheets: Format > Number Menu (> More Formats). Depending what you are trying to do, you might need to go to the More Formats menu.

Use Functions

Math, yuck! But seriously, these can be very simple or very complicated, but most people don’t need overly complicated functions built into their spreadsheets. However, functions are really what make a spreadsheet useful.  So here are some tips.

Excel: View > Formula Builder

Numbers: Just type a = and you will see it on your sidebar (right side)

Sheets: Help > Function List

Hope that at least gets you started. Next time I will do the same for Presentation applications.

Link to Macworld Article:

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