Xbox One and going all in with the Cloud

This week Microsoft releases the 3rd generation of their gaming console, Xbox One. If you have teen, you have already probably heard something about this and as Christmas gets closer you can be sure the advertisers will. But what does it mean? For Microsoft, it represents a massive investment and opportunity, especially since its rival PlayStation 4 released last Friday with 1 million units sold in the first day alone. But the Xbox One also represents something unique, that Microsoft is going all in with the Cloud.

But how? Xbox One heralds one of its core features as having connectivity to a massive cloud computing resource. This allows those playing games, both multiplayer and single player, to ‘off load’ the processing required to run the game to the Cloud letting more spectacular effects and AI run in games. To make this happen, Microsoft has invested in 300,000 servers to support Xbox One, compared to the 15,000 that supported its predecessor, Xbox 360. That is a lot of commitment to the Cloud. Combine that with Microsoft’s move to offer cloud space with its Azure service and the push it is making for office in the cloud with Office 365, Microsoft has shown its hand and has put a big stack of chips on the Cloud concept.

What does that tell you? Do you think you could make that kind of commitment to cloud computing? Have you put anything down on the Cloud yet?

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