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Our team is constantly working to keep your machines up and running smoothly to improve your workflow. 

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Security is the number one issue facing all of us today. We have a strong solution to mitigate risk and keep your team informed to the threats in today’s landscape. 

When you need a Chief Information Security Officer point of view, we can help. We operate as a functional part of your senior leadership team to offer strategic and operational guidance on security and technology initiatives.

Client comment during COVID-19  

"I know on this side of the screen, it has been hectic, so I can only imagine what it’s been like on your end. ALL IN ALL…. A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE NETWORK PEOPLE TEAM FOR BEING AWESOME!!! YOU ARE ALL GREATLY APPRECIATED THIS WEEK AND ALWAYS!!!!!!”

This message just received from one of our many great clients. We’ll get through this together! -Nate Freeman, President

Since 1996 we have provided IT Security and Management Services for more than 350 commercial and government organizations.

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