You’re Facing a Cyberattack; Now What?

In today’s digital business world, hackers are after your most precious asset—your data. Companies, especially small businesses, need to stay vigilant to keep their network secure.

What’s the best way to protect from Hackers?

Having good strong passwords in your environment is one of the first important steps for good security. For any hack to happen they need to get access and the first line of defense is your passwords.

What is Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a way to require two or more steps from more than one device to confirm you are allowed into a system.

Internet Battleground

It seems every day that world news is full of more examples of growing tensions on the international stage.  After the news last fall of Russian bomber jets flying over the Baltic and North Seas and on down to the Coast of Portugal, plus suspected Russian sub sightings near the Swedish capital of Stockholm—all on […]

Be careful, even when gaming (playing video games)

Something very interesting (not in a good way) happened to me recently, and I felt like I should share it with everyone. I was at home on my PlayStation 4, when all of a sudden I received a message from EA sports. They make the Madden football game that I have been playing for twenty-five […]

What DOOM on a printer means to you

Last week, a UK security blogger posted a detailed article describing how he used a vulnerability in a Canon Pixma MFP to run the 90’s video game DOOM on the printer’s color interface.  That alone—getting the game working on a printer, famous for being ubiquitous in its time—is quite the accomplishment.  While the blogger […]